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TechYOY believes in being 100% transparent when it comes to all transactions involving our readers and the website. To keep things standardized, however, the contents published on the TechYOY blog are maintained following the Disclosure Compliance Policy from the Federal Trade Commission, dated 2015. The compliance policy from the FTC ensures that users are entirely aware of the links they click on.

For instance, the customer should know whether one of the links they click on is promoted or endorsed. They should also understand the different types of sponsored content published on the site.

The policy’s core objective is to educate readers about how they interact with the website. Among other things, users should not misinterpret the nature of the links they come across. But, in general, the system also contributes to increased transparency within transactions. Please go through the following document in detail to understand how our website deals with different content forms.

Affiliate Links on the Website

TechYOY uses affiliate links to generate a source of remuneration from the web traffic we receive. When a user clicks on our affiliate link and accomplishes a particular task, we may receive a commission from the online store or the vendor. It must be noted that the commission is paid by the store, not the user. A common example would be an Amazon affiliate link, which leads you to a particular product on Amazon. If you click on our affiliate link and complete the purchase, we may receive a commission from Amazon.

Affiliate Links Explained

Affiliate links are a form of hyperlinks used for affiliate sales. In most cases, an affiliate link will lead a user to the product or service we want to promote or recommend. These links will also have a specific tag attached to them.

Therefore, when a user visits the product/service page through our link and completes the purchase, the respective commission is calculated and paid to our website. We would like to iterate that clicking on an affiliate link does not increase the price you pay. On the contrary, in some cases, an affiliate link may contain special promotion codes and offers. So, there is a chance to save money.

Types of Affiliate Links

To increase the diversity of products and services we recommend, we use two types of affiliate links.

1. Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon affiliate links lead the user to an Amazon product page. These links are part of the Amazon LLC Associates Program, which lets people earn a commission by recommending products available for purchase on the eCommerce platform.

TechYOY is part of the program and uses it to recommend the best products we come across on Amazon. As a result, we include Amazon affiliate links whenever we suggest a product/service to our readers. However, it must be noted that an Amazon affiliate link does not impact the price you pay for the product.

2. Product Affiliate Links

Product affiliate links lead the user to other products and services available on the internet. When you click on one of these links and complete the purchase, TechYOY will receive a commission. Once again, you don’t have to pay anything extra for the product. In most cases, you will be paying less than the retail price.

TechYOY makes sure that these affiliate links do not contain anything problematic before we recommend a product or service. However, we would like to add that inadvertent errors may be present in the system.

Do You See My Personal Details?

No, TechYOY does not collect or share personal information through affiliate links. Your personal information will not be collected when you click on any link. However, Amazon or a third-party service provider might collect your information, and it is not under the purview of TechYOY. You are required to go through the privacy policy and data collection disclaimer of Amazon or the respective store.

The Take on Sponsored Content

Even though the TechYOY team does not really believe in the concept of sponsored content, there are times when we are requested by a product/service provider to publish a sponsored review. In these instances, we provide a full warning beforehand that the content you are going to read is sponsored. It will be highlighted on the post page as well.

However, it must be noted that TechYOY does not compromise its editorial ethics while writing a sponsored review or sponsored feature. On the other hand, we strive to report content as factually as possible, giving you an unbiased understanding of the product. We also use our discretion to choose products that we think will be useful for our readers.

For example, if we feel that a particular product/service does not add value to our readers’ lives, we do not accept sponsored content about it.

How Can You Support Us?

TechYOY aims to become a blog that provides helpful content to all readers. To make this dream possible, a lot of time and effort are required. More importantly, a lot of monetary resources are also dedicated to the website. For instance, we try to purchase products and services before writing a review. We also take pride in having an unbiased editorial policy, even when it comes to sponsored content.

If you would like to support TechYOY in this mission, you can follow one of the methods given below.

  • You can use the referral link provided by TechYOY if you would like to purchase one of the products or services we have recommended through the website.
  • You should also consider leaving a comment/review for the product/service if you liked the purchase.
  • You can also help TechYOY by leaving your valuable comments on the blog posts. These comments will help us create better content and align our objectives based on audience interests.
  • Finally, you can share our content with your friends and family via social media and other platforms

Even though these steps may seem small, they create a huge impact in the grand scheme of things. It would help TechYOY remain the unbiased source of tech help that everyone deserves from the internet.

Why Should You Support Us?

You should support TechYOY because of the mission it plans to accomplish, which is making tech easier and more accessible for everyone. We do not believe in paywalls on any part of the internet. You have to keep in mind that your effort to support TechYOY will help others as well. You will have access to quality-rich tech content as much as others will have to it.

We also power our actions using a strong code of ethics. These fundamentals of ethics will help us maintain a good editorial policy that promotes content that deserves your attention. It also makes sure that we take our privacy policy seriously. While we have to collect sensitive information from our readers at times, we are conscious of the security and sensitivity of the information.

The Bottom Line

We would like to conclude our disclaimer by underlining our editorial policy and our code of ethics. We make sure that we are confident about every suggestion we make through TechYOY. It is an attempt to know that you can trust our website as much as we believe in it.

We believe this document has made our concepts of revenue, advertising, affiliate links, and sponsored posts that we publish on TechYOY.

We also like to convey our gratitude for your continued support.