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Terms and Conditions

At TechYOY, we believe that everything works better when they are bound by a definite set of terms and conditions. Therefore, TechYOY proposes the following Terms and Conditions document, which shall be the reference point for how the website functions and provides different services to its readers. All readers agree with these terms and conditions and acknowledge the same as they continue using the services from TechYOY, including but not limited to access to the TechYOY website.

It also needs to be noted that the entity behind TechYOY has the absolute right to change these terms and conditions without giving prior notice to our readers. Nevertheless, our readers will receive a notification if significant changes affect their data and privacy, but it may not be done for all changes. In light of this point, all readers are requested to keep them updated on the terms and conditions. If you object to any of the terms and conditions mentioned below, you can stop using the services offered by TechYOY at any point.

1. License of Usage

Readers of the TechYOY website are provided with a limited license to access the content published by the platform. This particular license is also applicable to other services that TechYOY may provide through the website. All these licenses are governed by the terms and conditions proposed in this document. TechYOY reserves the absolute right to withdraw or hold these licenses as much as it has the right to change the terms and conditions according to different requirements.

2. User Responsibility

TechYOY is home to content from different categories, which keep expanding based on the editorial policies that we follow. While we try to generate information on our own, there are times when we have to compile information from different sources on and outside the internet. Therefore, in these instances, TechYOY may also function as a repository of information without any claim on the accuracy of the same. It means the info we publish on the website may have been collected from sources whose authenticity we cannot always be sure of. Users are requested to keep this point in mind while accessing the content published on TechYOY.

We also like to acknowledge the distinction between the content we publish and the content posted on the website by users/visitors. For instance, comments on TechYOY pages belong to people who have made a comment. TechYOY is in no way responsible for these comments, and we do not endorse the opinions/views in such content.

Pages on the TechYOY website may also contain links to external websites that TechYOY may not have any control over. These links are created and maintained for reference purposes only. A link on the website does not mean that TechYOY is connected to the website or that it shares a common view. We also disclaim any affiliation between TechYOY and these websites. Since TechYOY does not control how these pages are kept, we cannot be liable for the information found on these external links.

3. Features

TechYOY reserves the absolute right to control which features are being provided to users. We may introduce new features and make changes to existing ones at times without prior notice to users. Some of the features may also use third-party APIs and aggregators. TechYOY reserves complete discretion in this matter.

4. Intellectual Property, Trademarks, and Copyright

TechYOY claims the ownership of the name TechYOY, the TechYOY logo, and the tagline, and these can be considered the trademark of the entity behind the website. Use of these elements requires explicit consent from TechYOY, and reproduction of content without explicit permission from TechYOY may create a legal dispute. However, these conditions apply only to the trademarks owned by TechYOY. On the contrary, the TechYOY entity does not claim ownership of other trademarks that could be used throughout the website.

The unique content that you can find on the TechYOY website is owned by the TechYOY entity, and the rules for international copyright protection are applicable to the same. Therefore, reproduction of this content without explicit consent from the TechYOY entity may result in legal disputes. These conditions apply only to the original content published on the TechYOY website. Whenever required, the website provides data about the source of other content.

If you find that the content published on TechYOY infringes any copyright laws, you can raise a dispute using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

TechYOY also likes to reiterate that other trademarks and logos used on our articles are the sole property of their respective owners. We do not claim ownership of this copyrighted content by using them. Instead, it is being used for reference purposes with a limited license offered by these respective owners.

5. Limitation of Liability and Warranty Concerns

TechYOY publishes content on the website for educational purposes only. Even though authors of content try their best to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the steps they recommend, it cannot be taken as an absolute warranty. That is, problems that one may encounter by following the steps mentioned in an article are not the responsibility of TechYOY. Neither the administrator nor the authors will be held responsible for such issues.

Users should keep the following points in mind while browsing websites that TechYOY has linked to through different pages.

  • TechYOY is not responsible if the linked webpage or file is not available at any point
  • Despite our best efforts, TechYOY cannot assure that the webpage/file does not contain malware or problematic elements. Therefore, the website cannot be held responsible for the ramifications caused by such malware.
  • Users are asked to keep using an anti-malware program while browsing the internet. They also need to scan the downloaded files before running/installing them.

To ensure the maximum safety of your devices, multiple backups need to be taken. These backups should contain a variety of data, including but not limited to files, registry records, and preferences. Such backups will help you regain access to your computer even if something goes wrong. It could be the case when you follow advanced tutorials, which require system-level changes and the installation of third-party apps.

To recapitulate, TechYOY will not be responsible for how you use the information provided on the website and how these actions have ramifications. By continuing to use the TechYOY website, you also acknowledge that you follow these suggestions at your discretion. Any kind of direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages that a user may be subjected to following the tutorials are not accounted for by TechYOY or its related entities.

TechYOY also wants to make it clear that it does not offer any kind of warranty. The steps provided by the website are for reference purposes only, and the user needs to follow their discretion while following these steps. In case of a dispute with these terms, the user may stop using the services offered by TechYOY.

6. Other

TechYOY does not establish any relationship with its readers in that both TechYOY and readers will remain independent entities throughout the transactions. However, TechYOY makes sure that all of its readers are treated equally without any discrimination.

The Terms and Conditions mentioned above are governed by the Laws of the state of New York and stay between TechYOY and the user of TechYOY. Visitors of the website have the complete freedom to raise any disputes regarding the terms and conditions proposed in the document. Visitors can use the Contact Us page to clarify any of the ideas proposed in the document or raise disputes. TechYOY will ensure that these queries are attended to at the earliest.