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Privacy Policy

At TechYOY, we take user privacy very seriously. As a company in the digital age, we also realize that all our readers are concerned about their privacy and overall transparency. As far as we are concerned, the first and most important thing we can do to improve our readers’ privacy is to become as transparent as possible. We take the first step in this direction by being 100% open about the data we collect, how we use the collected information, and other aspects you should know about the data collection process.

This document shall perform its function as a blueprint of the said process, thus letting us know how their interaction with TechYOY will manifest in the form of data transfer. TechYOY hereby informs all readers that it reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy without individual notifications. Therefore, all our esteemed readers are requested to keep track of the changes to the document. By continuing to browse the TechYOY website and availing of its services, you also agree to the privacy policy.

Types of Information Collected by TechYOY

TechYOY collects different kinds of information from the user when one browses the website. Based on the nature of the data, it has been split into two categories.

  • Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information refers to the type of information that can be traced to the unique identity of a person on the internet. For example, the information in this category may include email ID and name. As it has been said earlier, TechYOY may collect this kind of information when a user explores the website. But, browsing the TechYOY website does not constitute collecting personally identifiable data.

On the other hand, explicit consent from the user is required for the process to complete.

An example of an instance where TechYOY collects personally identifiable information is when you comment on a post on the blog. While submitting the comment, you will be asked to provide your name and email ID; both are used to identify the person responsible for the comment. It is also clear that the user has the right not to provide the information to TechYOY.

However, the decision may prevent you from performing the action that you want to accomplish. In this specific case, you may not be able to comment on the blog from TechYOY.

  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-personally Identifiable Information refers to the type of information that cannot be traced to the unique identity of a person on the internet. Examples of this kind of information include IP address and the country the visitor is from. Nevertheless, it must be noted that TechYOY does not ask for explicit consent to collect this kind of information.

Because the information cannot be linked to an individual, it does not pose privacy-based issues. Even so, it is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. For instance, TechYOY makes sure that all types of data that we collect are not shared with entities that may have malicious or illegal intent. On the other hand, we make sure that all transactions are through privacy-friendly channels and governed by law.

Use of the Collected Information

Even though each type of information may be used for specific purposes, the common use of the information collected through the TechYOY website is given below.

  • The information is used to improve the TechYOY website in general. For instance, we may use data analytics to understand which content forms are more popular among our readers. We might also introduce new features and sections to attract more users.
  • Non-personally identifiable data is used to improve the related services of the website. For instance, it may be used to determine the best advertising practices for the website. The TechYOY team may also use the information to understand what most people want from the blog.
  • Personalization is also a task for which TechYOY may use the information it collects from customers. It must be noted that both personally identifiable and non-identifiable information could be used for this purpose.
  • We may also employ web cookies to offer an enhanced website experience to our readers. However, the use of web cookies is further explained in the following section.

Emails and Newsletters

A different set of rules govern the use of email addresses submitted as a part of the subscription to the mail alerts and newsletters system. By submitting their email address to the newsletters, users agree to receive regular emails from TechYOY. However, TechYOY always provides an option to unsubscribe from such emails and newsletters at any point.

Email addresses collected through the website may be used to disperse information of urgent nature. For instance, significant changes to the privacy policy or terms and conditions of the TechYOY website need to be communicated with the greatest urgency. As expressed earlier, the team understands the sensitivity of the information, which is handled with utmost care.

The Use of Web Cookies

TechYOY makes use of web cookies to improve the overall website experience. It should be noted that the user has complete control over whether or not to accept cookies on their devices. The website will ask permission before storing cookies on the user’s hard drives. TechYOY also ensures that it does not use tracking cookies for any purpose.

As such, TechYOY employs web cookies to improve the user experience alone. It does not use web cookies to track or commercialize user information. However, this cookie policy may not apply to third-party services that we use, including but not limited to Google AdSense and other ad-delivery networks. Therefore, we kindly ask the readers to refer to the respective privacy policies to understand how they use web cookies.


Along with Google AdSense, we use Ezoic to provide personalization and analytic services on this website, as such Ezoic’s privacy policy is in effect and can be reviewed here.

Protection of Collected Information

In line with our privacy policy and ethics code, we follow many norms to protect the information we collect from our readers.

  • TechYOY makes sure that all the information collected through the websites is stored in the most secure location, following strict security protocols.
  • TechYOY does not share, sell, or lease the personally-identifiable information collected through the website.
  • However, in some instances, non-personally identifiable information could be shared with analytics and advertising entities to improve the ad experience on the website.
  • TechYOY might have to submit personally identifiable information to law authorities in instances that may not be under the website’s control.

All the information collected by TechYOY is stored in digital form. We do not convert the information into physical form. It must also be noted that the privacy policy governs the process of information exchange in the online mode, not offline mode.

Acceptance and Acknowledge of the Privacy Policy

We would like to reiterate that readers acknowledge and accept the privacy policy by continuing to use the TechYOY website. However, the user has the right to stop using the website if the terms of this privacy policy happen to be against the code of privacy/ethics.

It should also be noted that the privacy policy is limited to the TechYOY website. Third-party websites that we may feature on the website may have different privacy policies that the readers must confirm.

Contacting TechYOY

Readers can use the Contact Us page of the TechYOY website to contact the people responsible for the site. The same method can be followed to clear queries regarding the privacy policy if any.

The document was updated on August 13, 2024.