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Best Phone For Live Steaming (in 2024!)

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Best Phone for Live Streaming

Best phone for live streaming will give you everything that you want in a gadget. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing which we look for is our cell phone. Cell phones have made life more comfortable, but where it made lives easier, it’s risky too. We are dependent on technology. Our cell phone gets us connected to people worldwide, a good timepass where we can watch movies, do live streaming, etc.

We all love watching movies, people doing vlogging, and other online stuff. Life is changed these days Smartphones screens are getting bigger and bigger day by day people prefer to watch movies, seasons, online content on their mobiles on the go, in bed, or any other place at any time rather than television or laptop/computer.,

These days maximum people view content online through live streaming. Streaming content on a smartphone requires one great display, battery life, sound system, an excellent robust processor, making sure that your phone does not lag when you are using several apps.

Nowadays, youngsters, even elders, love to do Vlogging, live streaming. It looks easy to become a vlogger, but it’s not that easy. We think we need to grab an idea, and boom, there we are making our vlog. People take live streaming, vlogging as a career now, which is a much-complicated task. Starting with such a job, hobby, one needs to have an excellent live streaming camera, cell phone, software, tripods, Etc.

When it comes to cell phones, Of course, not every cellphone is equal. Some might have better performance, some not, some might have a good camera result some not, same goes with battery life, sound system, display, and different other features.

iPhone 11 Pro Max


High-Quality Camera

4 Camera, 1 Front Main Selfie camera, and three back Ultra HD

High-quality Video Recording

FHD Display

Long battery life

Different Colors

Durable Glass

Smooth surface and Operating system


High Price

Sensitive texture

Apple iPhone is a well-known brand all across the globe, which is valuable for its high quality. It is one of the best live streaming phones. No doubt it’s a high-budget phone, but it’s a perfect smartphone for your live streaming needs.


The outlook of iPhone is a giant cell phone while holding in hand, people usually say its design is a bit funny especially the three cameras on the back, but those three camera makes best live streaming mobile. It’s built-in with premium materials, one of the best smartphones made of stainless steel: durable glass which keeps it protected, its smooth texture which makes it relaxing to use. The cell phone is not that heavy to use; it’s comfortable for live streamers to take in hand and roam around. It had the most robust glass with a smooth operating system, durable battery, and large FHD display.

Best camera for Live streaming

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has a fantastic camera that you can use for live streaming. It features a 6.5-inch High Retina XDR OLED display, which makes streaming content much more enjoyable. The smartphone comes with other useful features that are worthy enough to consider this cell phone. On the backside, its triple camera system with 12MP ultra-wide, Wide, and the Telephoto camera supports the Night mode, which switches on automatically for low-light shots.

Portrait mode and 4K video up to 60fps are present. It also has a fourth camera, which is the front camera, which has a 12Mp real depth portrait mode, 4K video, and solo-Mo’s. Its iOS is 13 with dark mode making it a fantastic live streaming smartphone. New tools for editing videos and photos are installed with a high privacy system. 18W Charging adapters make it fast charging, and it supports wireless charging as well, which is right for you, so you can stream your content without worrying about battery much.

No doubt you can produce high-quality content on the go because iPhone 11 Pro Max can be considered the best phone for live streaming.

Google Pixel 4 XL


Affordable price

High-quality Photo camera

Zoom- Super Res

Astrophotogra[hy mode at night

High-quality recorder

Smooth texture, operating system

Unlimited storage


Medium battery life

Few of you might be surprised that Google launches cell phones also. Google does launch cell phones, which are on the list of best live streaming android phones.


Google is an outclass name in the industry. Google’s cell phones are also making a name. Its cell phones are light weighted with high dimensions. Google Pixel Andriod has a 9.0“Pie” operating system. The best thing for live streamers is that it has unlimited storage for your content to be safe and free.

It has a recorder with searchability. It uses all Google’s high-class functions, automatically transcribes different types of speech and audio. It makes it easy for you to record your ideas and keep them safe.

Best live streaming android phone

Google Pixel has a high-quality camera characterized by its class-leading dynamic range, accuracy, color dimensions, and other details. It has a great night mode function, which does not even require a flashlight. It’s one of the best live streaming mobiles as it has the Astrophotography mode that allows you to shot skies and stars.

Its selfies camera is 8Mp, and the Main back camera (2x telephoto lens) is 12.2MP + 16Mp, which produces high-quality video and pictures. It delivers high-quality results due to its high software.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10


Superfast charging

Focus – Live videos

10x digital zoom in

High-quality recording

FHD Displays


Smooth texture and operating system


No slot for SD card

High Price

No jack for headphone

Samsung is a well-known brand in the Electronic industry. It’s one of the flourishing smartphone brands with the best camera for live streaming in the world. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a unique phonestreaminglive that has three cameras. First android smartphone with three cams.


Galaxy Note 10 has a specific design that is smooth and easy to use. The phone has an infinite display, which gives less fatigue to your eyes by reducing its light with the comparison of colors. It’s a significant benefit when you need to use your mobile for longer hours.

It has fast charged with large storage of 12 GB Ram and 512GB Rom. The most beautiful thing is the S-pen making it perfect to live streamers to create content and get along with their fans.

Samsung Note series has always been one of the top android phones perfect for streaming because of their large screen size, better display, speakers, and outstanding AMOLED.

The three cameras do a great job both with pictures and videos, especially when live streaming. You can do live streaming, create content on the go with its color sharpness of the image giving better quality. It predicts movements and reduces the vibrations in the videos capturing an explicit scene. The Note 10 has a large infinity AMOLED display, 6.8 inches.

The color combinations are brilliant for editing your pictures or doing live streaming, or even watching videos. When it comes to audio, the cell phone offers a crystal-clear sound experience through its speakers for listening or mike for its audio, which is great for live streaming. No interference is there, and it is perfect for pinching the pitch with its wireless extra reliable headphones, making the sound more private and clear.

Google Pixel 3


Impressive autofocus

Consistent Stabilization

Affordable price

Smooth texture and operating system

Unlimited storage for free

Long battery life


Not water or dust resistant

No real optical Zoom

Google Pixel 3 is another great series of Google smartphones with an affordable budget and high-quality camera for live streaming.

It may only offer a single lens, but that lens is worthy enough to perform the task of other smartphones having two lenses. It has a low light capability, which makes it outstanding.

It has a superior smooth design and comfortable to hold in hands. Its screen has a bright display with high-class features, making it easy to watch videos or create content. It’s not only a good smartphone for live streaming but also good enough with its large storage, fast charging, smooth texture, and long-lasting battery. It is light in weight with a 9.0 “Pie” Operating system.

It is one of the best live streaming phones with its high 8Mp selfie camera and 12.2 Main camera. If you are regular of doing live streaming in the dark or at night time, then this cell phone plays a huge role in it. Its contrast between the Pixel 3 and other cell phones is worthy enough to pick put subject quickly from the dark.

It is perfect for shooting pictures and stabilized videos. Its work behind the cameras is quite impressive, making it an outstanding phone for live streamers.

Huawei P30 Pro


High-Quality Camera

Extra Zoom

High-quality Video

FHD Displays

Long battery life with fast charging

Smooth performance


Built-in battery module

Huawei is another electronics High-quality brand with its fantastic series of mobiles. Huawei P30 is an excellent set with its four rear camera setup, making it unique for live streaming. It’s not just a powerful smartphone, but one of the best live streaming mobile


Huawei P30 is a brilliant looking mobile phone which a great design that is comfortable and smooth to use. Its casing is of glass plates, which makes it durable and elegant at the same time. It has incredible different color combinations, which makes it attractive, including breathing crystal, amber sunrise, glossy pink, matte side, etc.

The audio standard is high, supported by Dolby Atmos sound, which makes th sound smooth and comfortable.

It has a full 6.47 inch OLED screen, which is impressive for streaming. Its camera set includes a Superzoom lens, 40MP Sensing Camera, 20Mp Wide angle lens altogether. It allows you to shoot day or night, but besides that, it’s Super Spectrum sensor increases 40% light in need, which brings more light to your pictures and videos, making them more fascinating.

At night mode, the colors are much brighter, and the lights get balanced accordingly. It has AL HDR+, which makes clarity in the videos and pictures. Its high optical and hybrid zoom makes it an excellent live streaming mobile. It features one of the best cell phones for videos and photos with a great sound system.

iPhone XR


Smooth, entertaining musical sound

Natural picture

Depth in camera

FHD Display

4K videos

Long battery life

Smooth texture


Not having fast charger

Apple iPhone XR can be another excellent option for Live streaming; it’s a considerable choice having all useful features with high-quality camera and results. It is much cheaper than the latest iPhone versions, including XS and XS Max.


iPhone XR is a smartphone with an intellectual look covered with glass and metal. Its display is smooth, has rounded corners designed in a modern classic way. It has its charging slot, microphone, and speaker slots. The cell phone is bright and has a giant display screen, useful for creating content or watching videos.

It has a clear and smooth audio system, making it pleasant for live streaming. On the right is the Power Button, which also works as the SIRI button, and on the left is the audio setting button. It’s available in red, yellow, blue, coral, black colors.

iPhone XR is an incredible live streaming smartphone, and it has a wide-angle camera sensor that can detect a subject and capture it from a considerable distance. It has the same HDR functionality, and it gives highlights and shadows while shooting. It has impressive features that make your live streaming more useful, including bright colors and a large display.

It shoots high-quality content 4K videos. It gives an entertaining and clear picture. No fake results for the camera are collected, only realistic images in live streaming. It has a good battery life, making it easier for content makers to shoot while not worrying about the battery much.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


108 Mp Triple Camera

Zoom 10x

8K, 4K videos

Infinity O-display

Smooth and new Operating system

Comfortable in use

Supports 5G

Long battery life with fast charging (Wireless charging)



Another series of Samsung Galaxy high premium smartphones. A great model for vloggers and live streamers due to its high-quality cam and long battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a water and dust resistant smartphone, having 16GB Ram and 512Gb internal memory, making it out of class. It is an excellent live streaming android phone as it is super fast and is ready to be connected to 5G; it has a large 5000mAh battery with a duration lasting 87 hours, which is outstanding.

Samsung Galaxy S20 is an outstanding cell phone for live streamers; it has three main cameras: a 12Mp wide camera with 1.8lens, 108Mp wide-angle, and a 48Mp telephoto 2.0 lens camera. It has high pixels that capture moments and live streaming in high resolution without breaking the pixels. It has a vast x10 Zoom, making it easy to capture if the subject is too far.

The front camera is of 10Mp with a 2.2/f aperture, which gives high-quality result while live streaming and produces sharp, explicit videos, pictures. Altogether this smartphone has high-quality outcomes with its camera, may those be in brightness or dark mode.

Samsung Galaxy S10+


Consistent video quality

Tracking autofocus

FHD Display

Smooth texture

Long battery life and fast charging

256 GB storage


High Price

Samsung smartphones are on the list of one of the outstanding camera results and quality cell phones. Live streamers can leave this smartphone by giving it a check.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a beautiful smartphone for its presence. It has a smooth texture and operating system, which makes it more reasonable. It has a large amount of built-in memory with a large screen of 6.8 inches, making it easier for live streamers to create and watch content.

This smartphone has a unique design; it gives a charming look and is lightweight to hold in hands with its smooth and comfortable texture. It comes in three primary colors aura black, aura white, and aura glow. Its colors catch the light and make the smartphone glow more.

It’s unbelievable, but Samsung Galaxy S10+ has indeed set of 5 cameras, including one front camera and four rear back cameras. The back cameras include Dual Aperture, Live focus, and Scene optimizer camera with 12+12=16MP. The combination of the cameras is perfect for live streamers who shoot on the move and in low light.

It proves to contribute to the Samsung best mobile camera series, offering 4K and HDR display with high-quality video. It’s cool for live streaming as it can shoot from wider angles, too, capturing a fantastic cinematic scene. The camera has auto light detection, which can brighten the scene and sharp the picture quality. Its color combination, high-quality result, superzoom, and sharpness make it an excellent smartphone for live streamers.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10


5 Rear cameras

Vlog mode

FHD display

Affordable price

High-quality photos of videos


Poor battery life

Weak Chipset

Ever thought of an affordable price Chinese smartphone that would come in such quality features which makes the rest of the Smartphones pay attention to it? Well yes, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 made it possible


Best smartphone for live streaming Xiaomi is the first phone where you can find “Vlog mode”. It has all the high-class features with its high-quality 32MP selfie camera, allowing you to live stream in a high-resolution photo frame and capture all selfie moments in high quality.

It is a tremendous Pro-level smartphone with its camera, which is ideal for live streaming and vlogging. It has a smooth texture and is comfortable to hold in hands. Its screen display is also large 6.41-inch which is superb. It’s a 4K device which helps you to record or live stream in high quality. It has its other flaws but when it comes to the camera, videos and live streaming then it’s one of the best.

This smartphone has five rear cameras; one is the wide-angle lens cam with 108Mp primary sensor, the other is the 20MP Ultra-clear wide-angle camera. Its 4K video mode allows you to do perfect live streaming with high quality and high pixels. It captures the moving image with sharpening and improved details. Stabilized efficient videos are captured, creating content and capturing wide-angle hybrid zoom makes it more stabilizing and efficient.

Its high camera quality captures all good photos, videos, views, details and sharp pixels. It is allowing you to do live streaming in a pro-level.

Moto G7


Video stabilization

4K video supported

Long battery life

Low price

High-quality result


Doesn’t support 5G

Hello Moto! It is a cheap low budget smartphone for which questions arise that in this price would it camera be worth it? Is this smartphone good enough for live streaming vlogging? And several more questions, but this smartphone is an excellent high-quality live streaming smartphone.


It is a lightweight, low budget smartphone which is easy to use with its smooth texture and comfortable to hold in hands. In this budget, this phone offers top live streaming with its excellent performance and long battery life. It has a large screen size –inches which makes it easier to create content and watch videos. It has a lovely design and outside presence, which makes it attractive too.

Moto G7 has a single front camera and a back camera which is 12-megapixel, which in low price rate is worth it. A flash which helps in significant lightening when capturing in dark mode or Livestreaming. Its Zoom is also in high resolution, which doesn’t break pixels when capturing a subject from a distance

It is a great live streaming smartphone producing high-quality results with its smooth sound system; its power can shoot 4K videos.

Moreover, it has a long battery life and fast charging and smart camera software, making it more compatible.


In conclusion, it’s entirely unexpected what is out there in the name of smartphone for live streaming these days. Even if you have a low budget, you can still have some high quality, flawless cellphone and start creating your content.

I hope this blog helped you to get your desired Live streaming smartphone

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