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Marketing White Papers: 8 Different Types and Tips About Writing

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White Papers

Companies increase their sales via different instruments. One of the most effective is by using white papers. These tools help to build trust with a target audience. Consequently, e-commerce goes to the next level, thus every organisation should know what is a whitepaper in marketing. Let us look at 8 different types and how to write them in detail.

Why Are White Papers Important For Business?

Companies usually use white papers to share their insights, some data, and other information with customers. It is more effective than articles or mailing lists because valuable information is presented concisely and clearly. That`s why the white paper is often called a lead magnet. Corporations propose this information in exchange for user data, for example, email addresses or phone numbers. Let us talk about different types of white papers.

Effective testing management is crucial for ensuring the success of a marketing white paper campaign. Incorporating thorough testing management into the development process can help identify and address any potential issues with a marketing white paper before it is distributed to the target audience

Technical White Paper

The main goal of these documents is to help with solving customer problems. Usually, it consists of:

  • Technical documentation;
  • Different flowcharts;
  • Useful schemes and diagrams;
  • Information about the safety of using the product.

The technical white paper is usually aimed at a tech-savvy audience. There is a risk that ordinary users will not understand what is at stake. Before writing, you should define common issues that users may face. Imagine that you never use this product, which parts of it are incomprehensible and obscure? Describe ways to solve problems in detail.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Using the White Paper

These documents describe the advantages of products or services for users. The white paper is aimed at non-tech customers. Writing must answer these questions:

  • What will the user get from using this?
  • Why should a customer choose the product or service of your company?
  • How can the product help him?

For writing this white paper, organisations usually monitor what competitors offer and define distinctive advantages of their proposals.  

Useful tip: look at the product like a potential buyer. This method will help you to describe the main benefits of your proposal.

Discussion with Paper Contract

Product Comparison White Paper

This type of white paper is focused on consumers who already know what kind of product they want but have not decided on a supplier yet. Companies highlight their merits in the product comparison white papers. Usually, documents include information about:

  • Key advantages of the organisation;
  • Positive customer feedback;
  • Values of the company;
  • Warranty for goods or services.

After reading this document, a potential buyer will have to answer the questions like «Why should I choose this particular organisation?». We recommend looking at what other companies are focusing on. This will help to create the right message.

White Paper Like A Source To Solve Issues

If the consumer who works with your product may face a non-ordinary problem, you should describe them and propose a solution. The white paper is the best format for this because sometimes it is difficult to describe the solution to the problem in a couple of paragraphs on the blog.

To write such a document you should take a closer look at the product in the consumer world. Try to find non-ordinary problems with functions and environments. This white paper should consist of practical advice that will help the user. Such documents improve the relationship between the company and the client because the user has a guide according to which he can solve his problems himself without contacting the support service.

Thought Leadership White Paper

If you offer an unusual solution to a complex problem, you should write about this. Some business issues are impossible to solve by ordinary methods. This white paper should challenge conventional ways of doing business and be a more effective method for doing things better.

To write a guide with a new approach, you need to study in detail the existing methods and consider their benefits and disadvantages, in which cases they are effective and in which they are not. If you present a fresh idea that could tackle the audience’s pain points, leads will become potential clients.


Educational White Paper

Organisations write educational white papers relying on scientific data, research, and proven facts. Academically savvy texts should tell customers about the benefits of a certain product or/and service. As a result, clients will be more interested in purchasing it. Writing tips:

  • analyse product`s benefits from different angles;
  • consider areas related to the product;
  • think about what new things you can tell customers about the product.

When you share practical information about goods or services, you increase the desire of customers to buy them.

Market Research White Paper

The document consists of information obtained after market research. Companies analyse the conditions of the contemporary market and monitor issues. The white paper should tell readers about the trends that other sellers are following, and what tactics and strategies they use for a successful business.

Clients will contact you to get valuable information. Due to this, you increase interest in the company and keep attention. Market research white papers usually include statistical materials, tables, and comparisons of the results of several large corporations.

Visionary White Paper

The documents show the forecasts for the market and its development in the future. Reading the writing today, users want to see what they should pay attention to stay in trend tomorrow. Forecasts can be short-term or long-term. In the latter case, you need to study the market from its inception to the present.

Writing a white paper, you should base it on up-to-date data and statistics. Track the strategies and tactics of developed companies, evaluate their failed projects and analyse why they failed. 

In Conclusion

White papers are powerful tools with which you can not only retain your existing target audience but also attract a new one. If written correctly, you will increase the profit of the company, its popularity, and customer confidence. The main thing is to rely on official data and statistics, they must be authentic.

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