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12+ Best Apps That Make You Look Skinny (Android and iPhone)

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Apps that Make you Look Skinny

You might not quite like the look of the selfie and would want to change how it is presented. There are just the right apps for doing that. Discussed at length are some of the best body sculpting apps that make you look skinny available to iPhone and Android handset users. 

Apps that Make You Look Skinny

1. Perfect Me-Face & Body Editor

Editor’s Rating: 9.0/10
Platform Android
Developer Ryzenrise
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

Perfect Me is an ideal face and body sculptor for everyday use. It is possible to focus on each body part to bring about changes to how a person appears in a picture. The best app that will make you look skinny can be used to lighten skin tones as well, with a range of presentations to choose from. Provides a manual edit function that allows even closer control of how the person appears on the screen. 

  • Waist slimmer is available on the app. 
  • Can reshape the body and touch up the face in pictures. 
  • Can gloss over acne and other blemishes on the face as well. 
  • Tattoos and other body decorations are possible with the software. 
  • Possible to whiten teeth which adds to the presentability of the picture. 


One of the best picture customizers available to the user and with a features packed free version too. Can be used both as a professional tool as well as an amateur photo edits. Needs little by way of training to use the software.

2. Retouch Me

Editor’s Rating: 9.0/10
Platform Android | iOS
Developer Oleksandr Lozytskyi
Price Free to use with in-app purchases
iOS App Download Now

With Retouch Me, it is possible to change not just the appearance but also the presentation of the pictures. There are added features to further beautify the photographs that take on a professional appearance.  This is a powerful beauty app that lets the user change every aspect of the picture and body. Simple to learn when compared to more professional apps available for use. 

  • Let’s you contour the whole face as well as the body. 
  • Provided with a range of plans that add flexibility to the user. 
  • Possible to have a professional designer work on the picture. 
  • A series of fun templates make the use of the app much more useful. 
  • Provided with removing clothes to add greater functionality to the app. 


One of the most desirable apps that will make you look thinner for the fact that it is possible to have a professional designer work on the picture for a fee. Learning the steps are simple and easy to do which makes the app to be preferred by users. Provided with lots of features to offer including adding extra bit of eye lashes to the picture. 

3. Body Tune

Editor’s Rating: 8.6/10
Platform iOS
Developer Face & Body Tune Photo Editor SRL
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

Provided with a powerful editor feature that gets to change every aspect of the picture or selfie. Flexible enough to take care of all requirements that might crop up during picture edits by body slimming apps. Possible to do the entire photo body edits without manual intervention. Affordable so that the even the novice can take to the app. 

  • Simple to use interface that divides the edit into separate actions. 
  • Comes with the feature of adding tattoos and other embellishments to the pictures. 
  • Even the most complex of edits can be done with a few strokes of the fingers. 
  • With fewer bugs relatively which make for smooth functioning.
  • Requires iOS ver. 11 onwards to work properly. 


A powerful package that gets to offer all sorts of edits that are required of a picture. Economical to use as it is easily affordable and can be enhanced with in-app purchases. Offers a completely operator less edit function that can be matched by few other apps. 

4. Spring

Editor’s Rating: 8.3/10
Platform iOS
Developer Kim Taewan
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

The Spring app provides a high-resolution picture output each time it is used to enhance snaps. Supports languages other than English which is a rarity in this field. The premium package is offered as a convenient monthly payment and yearly payment option. 

  • Can be used on groups of people as well as individuals. 
  • Simple enough functioning of the editor that can be used by even small children. 
  • Needs iOS ver.11 onwards to work. 
  • Can complete the edits of most pictures without any intervention from a designer. 
  • The intuitive user interface makes for a powerful yet versatile editor. 


Affordable yet packs in quite a punch that is how best to describe the picture editor. With a range of drop-down menus to pick from, offers a range of functions. A compact offering considering the memory usage that it puts the smartphone to.

5. Body Editor

Editor’s Rating: 8.1/10
Platform Android
Developer Inshot Inc.
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

The app is best suited to body sculpting and selfie editing. Has separate tools for doing up men’s and women’s pictures. There are a whole range of options that allow the user to add features missing from the original picture. The simple user interface makes it all the more fun to use the software. 

  • The picture is divided into three sections, head, torso, and feet, to make the edits. 
  • The watermark on the picture can be removed by using the premium version. 
  • Provided with all the necessary tools to make alterations. 
  • Provides a professional look to the picture enhancement. 
  • Low memory size provides for faster downloads. 


A compact offering that provides the user with all the necessary tools to make enhancements. There are few variables to take care of which makes it rather an uncomplicated tool to be made use of. 

6. Body App

Editor’s Rating: 8.1/10
Platform iOS
Developer Alpha Mobile Limited
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

One of the more versatile picture enhancement tools available in the market. Simple to use and something that can be picked up in quick time. 

  • Requires iOS ver.9.0 or higher to function.
  • Supports a range of languages. 

7. Slim and Skinny

Editor’s Rating: 8.0/10
Platform iOS
Developer Liming Zhang
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

A simple enough app that can perform some of the common day to day image manipulations. Affordable is how best to describe the software and easy to use. 

  • Requires iOS ver.9 and higher to work. 
  • Can perform a range of enhancements. 

8. Make Me Thin

Editor’s Rating: 7.9/10
Platform iOS
Developer GUI NING
Price Free to use

Sometimes good things come in small packages, and that is certainly the case with Make Me Thin. Capable of performing some really good edits and at no cost at all. 

  • Intuitive user interface. 
  • Has fast download times. 

9. Body Editor – Body Shape Editor Body Morph

Editor’s Rating: 7.9/10
Platform Android
Developer PSquare
Price Free to use

The Body Editor allows a person to attain a slim figure without ever visiting the gym. Has enhanced filters that take care of most of the editing work.

  • A range of tools is in place to take care of edits.
  • Possible to retouch pictures without going into major edits as well.

10. Hotune

Editor’s Rating: 7.5/10
Platform Android
Developer Cerdillac
Price Free to use with in-app purchases

This will be the app if someone wants to search for software with few things to fuss about. Simple in the application, it can be mastered in a few hours. 

  • Can retouch both the face and body equally well. 
  • A complete app that covers the whole body in one go. 

11. Body Shape Editor

Editor’s Rating: 7.5/10
Platform Android
Developer InShot Inc.
Price Free to use but contains ads

The app is mainly a face enhancer with few features that can be used to shape the whole body. It is a popular application for those wanting to remove braces from selfies. 

  • Simple enough to use. 
  • Can edit and touch up faces in selfies very well. 

12. GoSexy

GoSexy Editor’s Rating: 7.3/10
Platform Android | iOS
Developer Kasaba Labs
Price Free with in-app purchases
iOS App Download Now

There is a lot that the GoSexy app can offer other than touching up faces which is what it is really good at. The rather easy to use interface would mean that learning to use the program is but a breeze. 

  • Can perform some in-depth edits of the face in selfies. 
  • Quick and fast downloads as the size of the file are rather small. 

13. AirBrush

Editor’s Rating: 7.3/10
Platform iOS
Developer Pixocial Technology
Price Free to use

One of those apps that provide the user with just the basics of touching up pictures and photographs. Useful as it is free to use application. 

  • The interface is not that easy to master, taking some time. 
  • Basically, a photo editing software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How To Edit Photos to Look Skinnier?

The basic premise is to make changes in the image so that the image looks slimmer. 

Is There a Filter That Makes You Look Skinny?

Most photo edit apps have filters that make a person look slimmer.

Is There a Video App That Makes You Look Skinnier?

Some of the photo edit apps can have the provision to alter videos as well.


There is a range of photo editing and image enhancement applications and software. It can be said that they are: 

  • Free to use as well as paid offerings. 
  • Simple enough to operate as well as powerful enough to make the right number of changes to the images. If you want to make changes further you can always use tools and edit image online for free.
  • There is a wide range of picture altering software for both the iPhones as well as Android handsets. 

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