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10+ Best Vibration Apps for Massage for Android and iOS

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Best Vibration Apps

Have you felt the need for a simple massage at times that could relax and take out the tension in you? It would be enlightening to know that it is possible to have a simple no frill attached massage by using the vibrating mode on the smartphone. The best vibration apps tend to offer more than just a simple pulsating sensation as the article lays out for the user.

Best Vibration Apps for Massage

Vibrator appOperating systemTimer modeIntensity ControlMusic support
Vibrator X  Android×
iVibeAndroid  ××
iMassage  iOs××
Body Massager App  iOs××
Perfect Mobile Massager +  iOS & Android×
Vibrator App  Android  
Body Massager  Android  ××
Vibrotto  Android  ×××
Tingle  Android  ××
Vibrator Pro  Android  ××

1. Vibrator X

Vibrator X

Platform: Android
Rating: 9/10
Price: Free to use with in app purchases

The strong point of this best vibrating apps is its simplicity and ease of use. For the most parts, the app provides a strong pulsating vibration that can be felt by people keeping the phone on the body part. A simple to use interface is a plus point to the app as well.  

  • Allows gradation of the pulsations by switching to different modes.
  • Supports music that can be adjusted to the mood of the person using the app.
  • Does not require internet connection to use the facility.
  • Has a timer function that allows the user to set the time of working of the vibrator phone.
  • Can provide a strong pulse that often is noticeable for its intensity.

Verdict: The strong point of the Vibrator X app is that it is easy to use. With a free to use facility people do not have to pay for the most basic of functionality. Does provide a strong enough pulse which does penetrate the person’s outer skin.

2. iVibe


Platform: iOS
Rating: 8/10
Price: Free to use with in app purchases.

Capable of providing a strong pulsating vibration it can be used both for relaxing and for a massage as well. It is possible to provide the whole body with the pulses by moving the phone to the desired body part. This is one of the more preferred massage apps on iStore with over 2 million downloads to date.

  • Possible to vary the strength of the vibrating pulses.
  • Additional features include, screen brightness, lock feature and password protection.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone massager or vibrator.
  • Lasts a while on massage mode due to the smart use of the power available to the user.
  • Simple user interface makes for a hassle-free use most of the time.

Verdict: The app is simple to use and at the same time packs in quite a few interesting features for use. One of the more long-lasting vibrating applications for its frugal use of the battery.

3. iMassage


Platform: iOS
Rating: 8/10
Price: Free to use with in app purchases

The vibrator mode is both a combination of the vibrator motor and the Taptic machine. Since the on/off button remains enabled in the vibration mode, makes for easy start and stop of the service.

  • Provides a grade of vibration modes.
  • Ten patterns to the vibrations which can be set of continuously.
  • Gentle enough to be used on babies and little children.
  • Has in-built features the prevent the accidental shut off of the vibrator.

Verdict: Simple and easy enough to use yet with sufficient sophistication to meet the needs of the average user. Has a range of features otherwise not found on the typical vibrator app.

4. Body Massager App

Platform: Android
Rating: 7/10
Price: Free to use

The massage app is ideal for those wanting to destress and relax after a hard day. Provides three grades of vibrations. One of the best vibration app for massage due to its simplicity of design and use.

  • Powerful enough to meet the needs of most demanding users.
  • Possible to have the app turned on even when the phone has been switched off.
  • Despite the use of the in-phone vibrator provides for a strong pulse.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • One of the most presentable apps to be found for the Android phone.

Verdict: Simple yet effective, that is how best to describe this vibrator app.

5. Perfect Mobile Massager +

Perfect Mobile Massager +

Platform: Android | iOS
Rating: 7/10
Price: Free to use

This is a relatively new entrant to the field and brings in new innovations each month in its existence.  A simple to use interface is one of the strong points to the massager and stands out for its uncluttered look and feel.

  • Provides a single power vibration
  • Possible to integrate the use of the massager with other apps.
  • The soft vibrations ensure a longer lasting battery.
  • Provides for a soothing action.
  • Music can be played while using the massager.

Verdict: Simple enough but versatile massager that provides sheer value for money. The strong point why most people use this massager is that it is free.

6. Vibrator App

Vibrator App

Platform: Android
Rating: 6/10
Price: Free to use with in app purchases.

The strong point about using this app is that it can be run in the background along with other applications. It is versatile enough to provide for an unlimited range of vibration settings. A simple user interface works to the advantage of the user.

  • A wide range of power setting possible on the vibrator.
  • Can work in the background which is rather a convenient feature to have around.
  • The screen can be turned off while using the massager app.
  • Can be mased as a calculator to prevent other people from noticing its use.
  • Provides for long lasting massage sessions due to its low battery consumption.

Verdict: Something simple yet with a range of features only to be found on more expensive versions of the massager.

7. Body Massager

Body Massager

Platform: Android
Rating: 6/10
Price: Free to use

Provides animations to the vibration mode chosen to apply. It is possible to vary the depth of the massage as well as the duration of the therapy. Simple enough but does pack in a punch when used on people.

  • Provides the feature to vary the vibrations in nine steps.
  • Speed of the massage can be varied.
  • Compatible with most models of the Android phones.
  • Conserves battery use thus providing long extended massages.
  • Colourful interface that makes it easy on the eyes when using it.

Verdict: One of the most usable yet affordable as there is no cost to be paid.

8. Vibrotto


Platform: Android
Rating: 5/10
Price: Free to use.

There are different versions to the app that the customer has a choice to make. It is possible to disguise the app when in use. The main drawback is that the power cannot be varied.

  • Free to use which is an advantage.
  • Possible to download a range of massagers that has different functions.
  • Simple user interface makes for easy application.
  • The low battery consumption allows for long extended use of the app.

Verdict: Something simple and yet capable of providing more than the simple massage that is how best to describe the app.

9. Tingle


Platform: Android
Rating: 5/10
Price: Free to use.

A range of features make the app stand out from among the crowd of massagers. Adjustable and flexible enough to meet the requirements of most demanding of users. Simple user interface is a strong point when it comes to attracting users.

  • Possible to have a range of vibrations.
  • Low on battery consumption that allows an extended use of the app.
  • Possible to control the frequency of vibration of the app.
  • Has little by way of cost to the user at most times.

Verdict: One of the simplest of apps to use and mainly recommended for its no frills approach to building the application. Gives sufficient flexibility to the user when it comes to modes of use.

10. Vibratize


Platform: Android
Rating: 4/10
Price: Free to use.

This could be a massage app that does not pack in with features. There is only a single mode of operation and thus the user is constrained in its application. But the plus point of the vibrator is that it is simple to operate most of the time.

  • Single speed operation.
  • Fast download of the app possible as it is lightweight in construction.
  • Keeps running for hours on end as it has a low battery consumption.

Verdict: This would be the vibrator that is best suited for people seeking out simplicity in the design of the app. Can last a lot when using the massager as the battery consumption is quite low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How To Make Your Phone Vibrate?

Most smartphones are designed to vibrate to catch the attention of the user. This typically happens when a call is being received or when an alarm is set off.

Does Vibration Damage Your Phone?

The vibration does not harm the phone in any way as it is a built-in feature.

Can I Make My Phone Vibrate Constantly?

As long as the battery holds and the vibrate function is not turned off, the phone could vibrate without an end.

How Do I Make My Phone Vibrate Harder?

It is possible to vary the degree of vibration so that the tempo can be varied. But beyond a certain point it is not possible to increase the strength of the vibration.


From the above, it can be said that:

  • There are vibration apps made both for the iPhones and well as Android handsets.
  • Getting a vibrator software need not cost anything as there are free-to-use options. 
  • There are a host of additional features with the simple vibration function.
  • It is possible to have an effective as well as a cost-effective massager made out of the smartphone.

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