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Why Is Security Service Edge (SSE) Essential for Businesses?

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Security Service Edge

With the advancement of technology, hybrid working is gaining more and more popularity in the business environment. According to research in 2021, 42 percent of employees say they are successful in terms of a hybrid workforce. This highlights that almost half of the global workforce has a positive mindset toward the future of work. Specifically, 31 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with this context.

The widespread use of hybrid work has brought with it the risks of cyber attacks. This prompted IT teams to devise alternative strategies for securing corporate networks. These approaches did not take long to show their flaws as traditional security approaches could no longer deter hackers. The security and protection of remote and mobile users and the data and applications they access have become highly important in the hybrid workforce.

A comprehensive SSE solution gives businesses all the security capabilities they need to monitor user activity once they have network access, as well as to give employees, reliable partners, and contractors secure remote access to tools, apps, data, and other company resources. For many reasons, security service edge (SSE) is extremely essential for businesses that focus on threat protection and exclude networks.

Implementing Security Service Edge (SSE) can provide businesses with the necessary protection against cyber threats. With the increasing reliance on technology in the business world, investing in Limestone Software Solutions‘ SSE is essential for ensuring the security and integrity of a company’s sensitive data.

What Is Security Service Edge (SSE)?

The security services edge (SSE) is a new cybersecurity solution which is highly strong. SSE enables safe access to websites, software as a service (SaaS) applications, and private applications with an integrated, cloud-centric mix of security features. It can be defined as cloud-centric security capabilities that enable private apps, SaaS (software as a service) applications, and websites to be accessed securely.

What Are the Core Capabilities of SSE?

Zero Trusted Network Access (ZTNA)

Between programs used at work, Zero Trust Network Access establishes identity- and context-based safe access barriers. ZTNA offers a multi-layered, remote access security approach with redundant layers of control and application when considering its full capabilities set, which includes an extensive SSE strategy.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker uses a variety of cloud security technologies to protect Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Enforces an organization’s security, governance, and compliance policies while allowing authorized users to access and use cloud resources, enabling organizations to effectively and consistently protect their data across multiple locations.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Secure Web Gateway serves as a go-between for users and the internet. enforces security policies to control which domains are accessible. SWGs are a crucial component of a thorough SSE strategy since they give customers secure internet access even when they are not connected to their company VPN.

The SSE is comprised of all these important cores. But this solution can be enhanced with more features like Firewall as a Service (FWaaS). It should be noted that SSE is no longer applicable if cloud-centric WAN services are implemented over the same network architecture. That is SASE.

What Are the Benefits of SSE for Businesses?

Choosing one of the best SSE companies is the most important step in order to get the highest efficiency and benefit from SSE at the highest level. So what are the benefits of SSE to companies?

Secure Access 

No matter where users are or what data or applications they are accessing, using an SWG with SSE makes it easier to impose internet access policy management. SWGs are a crucial component of a thorough SSE strategy since they give customers secure internet access even when they are not connected to their company VPN

Improved Security 

Through the inspection, classification, and quarantining of malware, before it does damage, CASBs protect users and applications. An integrated CASB is used in an efficient SSE strategy to assist firms in keeping up with the SaaS boom. 

Visibility and Control 

By requiring access at the application level rather than the network level, ZTNA lowers exposure while providing visibility and control over what users access. True least-privileged access, continuous trust validation, security inspection, data protection, and app security are all provided by ZTNA for you.

How to Choose the Best SSE Vendor for My Business?

Although SSE is a new technology, there are numerous SSE providers to select from. Consequently, picking one for your business can be challenging. When looking for a new cybersecurity service provider, you should concentrate on a few key qualities. 

Considering aspects such as product/service quality, pricing, SSE vendor portfolio, customizability, scalability, and customer service will help you choose the best SSE vendor for your business.

How to Design and Deploy an Effective SSE?

Organizations can assess individual vendors for each necessary set of security technologies before combining these capabilities for a consolidated SSE solution using internal or external resources

This method can give a company their preferred functionalities or capabilities for a range of criteria. Additionally, it requires enterprises to make a sizable investment in integration during commissioning and over the long haul. To keep all products and services functioning as a single platform, this strategy necessitates intensive management and monitoring.


Organizations might look into vendors who offer comprehensive security systems with all the necessary SSE elements integrated in (CASB, SWG, and ZTNA). The management and integration hassles connected with the multi-vendor approach are immediately eliminated by using this method. Additionally, it makes system maintenance and troubleshooting requirements throughout the system life cycle simpler.


Since the beginning of recorded human history, people have needed security among their basic requirements. The idea of state law enforcement and security services has emerged as a result of the demand for security, which humanity has had for ages but has recently grown more professional due to reasons including population growth, economic development, and urbanization. 

Private security is the term used to describe the protection services offered in addition to security to stop attacks on real and legal persons’ rights to life, possession, management, and property as well as other rights and freedoms. To ensure safety, private security services are required to solve the general security issue by assisting state law enforcement officials.

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