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Why is My LinkedIn Account Restricted?

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LinkedIn Account Restricted

Did you get a warning, or is your LinkedIn account already restricted? You don’t have to start panicking when something like this happens. Whether your account has been restricted or a permanent ban has been laid on it, there are several ways to tackle such situations. 

So, let’s start this article by understanding the several types of restrictions that can get your LinkedIn account restricted. 

LinkedIn Restriction Types

The main motive of LinkedIn is to form a happy and positive community where people can interact freely. But along with the freedom to speak, there are certain restrictions to ensure people do not use this platform incorrectly. Linkedin has provided a long list of Do’s and Don’t.

So, while on this platform, make sure to go through them once to protect yourself from getting banned. These guidelines state that members should use their true identities while on this platform, provide proper information, and keep the platform’s integrity. In case LinkedIn finds that you have violated any of its Community policies, it has the authority to either remove your content or restrict your account. 

Here are the grounds on why your account might be restricted or blocked:

  1. Abusive behavior repeatedly
  2. Extreme amount of requests
  3. Low acceptance rate from connections that you have requested
  4. Many views from an account
  5. Using prohibited automation tools
  6. Sharing inappropriate content 
  7. Performing illegal activity
  8. Your account is fake
  9. There is some spammy activity taking place from your account
  10. You have received “I don’t know this person” flags excessively
  11. The name of the account violates the User Agreement
  12. Spreading fake news

These are some reasons that may result in: linkedin account permanently restricted or linkedIn account blocked. But don’t worry; there are ways to retrieve the account back. So let’s move on further and see why your account was restricted in the first place. 

Why Your LinkedIn Account Was Restricted

When your LinkedIn account gets restricted, the first question that comes to one’s mind is, why did this happen? As stated above, several types of restrictions could have caused this issue. So, let’s see briefly what are the reasons that got your LinkedIn account restricted:

  • Using a prohibited automation tool:

LinkedIn is not fond of automation tools. Therefore, LinkedIn takes strict action on users who use automation tools often. Some tools follow all the rules and regulations that LinkedIn has formulated, thus, lowering the chances of being detected. Others have acted quite robotically. That’s why LinkedIn prohibits its usage. So, be smart while using them.

  • Spam messages:

It is one of the most difficult restrictions to identify and takes place when someone is taking help from an automation tool to contact several people all at once. Usually, people try to contact several people all at once using this type of text.

LinkedIn tracks these messages down and puts them in the spammed list of the people. Now, there is a chance that you might be unaware of it. So, to know whether your messages are being delivered in the inbox or landing straight in the spam section, you can send the text to your close ones and check their inbox.

  • Issues with the content:

Yes, LinkedIn is a place to share your thoughts and views. Here you can communicate freely with anyone and share your thoughts. But that does not mean that you can just spill out anything. If you are sharing insulting, pornographic content, or rude, chances are that your account might seem suspicious. This can get your content restricted so that it cannot be shared any further. 

There are some basic rules that one should always follow while using LinkedIn:

  • Do not spread fake news
  • Make sure to protect your password
  • Never be rude or offensive in the comment section
  • Be friendly and have courteous

If you break any of these rules or go overboard with your activities, there are chances that your account can face a permanent ban. So, what should one do when something like this happens? Let’s discuss it further:

What Happens When Your LinkedIn Account is Blocked

In case you have violated any of the LinkedIn policies, chances are that your account has come under the radar of LinkedIn. Unfortunately, this means that your LinkedIn account is on the verge of getting restricted or banned.

When your LinkedIn account is blocked, you have violated the “Community Policies” or “User Agreement” conditions. In such cases, LinkedIn can also restrict you for an indefinite period.

When your account gets blocked or permanently restricted, you cannot open it and will receive a message with an error. Now, anybody facing this kind of issue will be thinking of what their next move should be. So, here is what you should do when you get banned from LinkedIn:

What to Do if You Get Banned from LinkedIn

If your account has gotten banned on LinkedIn, here are a few things that you should do:

Stay calm

Building a good quality audience over any social media platform is difficult. Especially on LinkedIn, where people follow others because of the quality of the content. So, losing your account on such a platform can be quite terrifying.

But remember that this is not the end of the world. So stay calm and divert your attention to something else until the issue is resolved. 

Using approved and safe LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn is a platform that is not quite happy with using automation tools. Still, some tools make sure to follow the rules and regulations of LinkedIn. One of those tools is Dripify. Let’s learn a bit about it:


Dripify is the advanced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that helps in generating good quality leads and creating amazing prospecting campaigns. One can perform many functions with Dripify, like advanced analytics with crucial metrics, conversion rates, smart inbox features, etc. 

What You Shouldn’t Do if You Get Banned from LinkedIn

Getting your linkedin account restricted is one thing. There are still some chances that your account can be retrieved again. But when LinkedIn accounts get banned, it might take a while to gain access. Now that your account has been banned from LinkedIn, here are a few things that you should keep in mind not to do:  

  1. Be rude to LinkedIn representatives: First, the thing that anyone would do after they find out that their account has been banned from LinkedIn is to contact customer support. To successfully unblock linkedin restricted accounts, make sure to talk with them as politely as you can. Being rude to them may cause trouble.
  2. Lose your temper: Stay calm until you get back your account. You won’t get any good results by panicking.

What if You Get Permanently Blocked on LinkedIn

In case your account has faced multiple restrictions, there are chances that your account will get banned. In such circumstances, it is better to contact the LinkedIn support team and honestly tell them the whole situation.

Do not make a new account to avoid the restriction. LinkedIn will trace down your IP address and may block your new account too. If you get your account back, it will likely be under the eyes of LinkedIn, so make sure not to replicate the same mistake. 

Linkedin Account Recovered – How to Avoid Being Banned Again?

Now that you have got success to reopen restricted linkedin account, here are a few things that one must take into account to make sure that they don’t get banned again:

Begin Again with Small Plans

Now that you have retrieved your account, do not start making any bigger plans with it. Instead, treat it as if it is a new account. Take small steps to warm it up. There are various ways of doing it.

For example, send only a few requests in a day. With this, you can build up connections from scratch.

Initially, focus on mutual connections only. It increases the chances of increasing the credibility of your account.

  • Ensuring following all the LinkedIn rules of use
  • Make sure to personalize each message before sending it. 
  • Avoid copying and pasting the same message. 
  • Make your profile as unique as possible. Then, spend some extra time working on it.
  • Make sure that your new account does look as if it is a fake account.

Make a Wise Decision While Choosing Tools

As we have read above, automation is something LinkedIn is not a fan of. But still, there is a way of using an automation tool to get work eased out on LinkedIn. Instead of going with browser-based tools, one can use cloud-based tool for LinkedIn lead generation. These tools are less likely to be tracked by LinkedIn and make sure to provide you with a seamless experience over LinkedIn.

Various tools adhere to the rules and regulations that are laid by LinkedIn. So, one can use it to get the best out of LinkedIn. 

Get Expert Help

If you are clueless when working on LinkedIn, you should try getting help from experts. These specialists will help you in figuring out which ones how to get started with the automation tools and how one can safeguard their account from getting banned. Even if your LinkedIn account is restricted, you should try to contact experts. 

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